Academic Calendar

November 1

  • All Saints Day

November 2

  • All Souls Day

November 3

  • Faculty Meeting (SHS Grade 11)
  • Completion of Grade (ECE nad K-10, Grade 12)
  • House Keeping Day: Faculty Room/Team Building (ECE and K-10, Grade 12)

November 3-4

  • Reading of Cards (SHS Grade 11)

November 4

  • Meeting with OJT Students (CASE)

November 6

  • Follow-up Internal Audit for Support Process (QAO)
  • Resumption of Classes, 2nd Semester (SHS Grade 11)
  • Demo Teaching (ECE and K-10, Grade 12)

November 6-10

  • Second Long Exam (College of Medicine)

November 7-15

  • Bulacan Collegiate Athletic Association Meet (Sports and Development Program)

November 8

  • Requiem Mass (IEP)

November 10

  • Fire Drill Orientation, 3:00pm at AVR 5th Floor St. Augustine Building (QAO)
  • Departmental Meeting (CBEA)
  • Departmental Meeting (CASE)
  • ABAKADA ni Venerable Madre Counselo (Tutorial Class) (Extension Activity)
  • Seminar in City of Malolos Integrated School (CMIS) (Extension Activity)

November 11-12

  • Team Building and Planning (instruction) (CASE)

November 13-15

  • Special Non-Working Days

November 16

  • Online Viewing of Grades (ECE and K-10, Grade 12)

November 16-17

  • Book Fair (ECE and K-10, Grade 12)
  • Classroom Observation (SHS Grade 11)

November 17

  • Parents’ Conference (by section) (ECE and K-10, Grade 12)
  • Parents’ Formation Activity (General Assembly] (ECE and K-10, Grade 12)
  • 1st year Students Parents’ Meeting (CITHM)
  • Computer Literacy (CITE)
  • Mr. & Ms. JPMAP - JPMAP Bulacan Federation (CBEA)
  • Bulacan Youth Summit 2017 – JPMAP Bulacan Federation (CBEA)
  • Community Extension Activity (CASE)

November 19

  • Medical Mission with Caniogan Cooperative (CAMS)

November 20

  • Fire Drill (QAO)

November 20-24

  • City Meet (Sports and Development Program)

November 21-24

  • Classroom Observation (SHS Grade 11)

November 21-24

  • Demo Teaching (ECE and K-10, Grade 12)
  • Faculty Research Day (CITHM)
  • Dean’s Hour (CASE)
  • Seminar – BSCOE 5th Year (CITE)

November 24-28

  • Retreat of 4th year Students (CASE)

November 27-28

  • Third Monthly Test (ECE and K-10, Grade 12)

November 27-29

  • 2nd Internal Audit (Core process Internal Audit) (QAO)

November 28

  • BS and Hotel and Restaurant Management Dean’s Hour (CITHM)

November 29

  • BS Tourism Management Dean’s Hour (CITHM)

November 30

  • Regular Holiday: Bonifacio Day



La Consolacion University Philippines aspires to become an academic leader recognized for innovative and quality instruction, research-oriented higher education institution in the international community and exemplar in providing sustainable outreach services to the poor.


The core mission of the University is to promote learning in the Augustinian - Marian tradition and the values necessary to be men and women of wisdom and compassion. The University will distinguish itself as a diverse, socially responsible learning community sustained by a faith that does justice through unity, charity and truth. As a Catholic institution of higher learning and convinced of the primacy of Love, LCUP assumes the responsibility of consistently serving and caring for God’s people regardless of their color, creed and culture. The missionary mandate of LCUP is to provide transformative education among the Augustinian community of friends through formation and discipleship and development of world - class graduates and professionals.

Institutional Goals

  • To provide basic and higher formal and innovative education programs that are nationalist/ globalist in character and responsive to international standards of responsive excellence;
  • To generate and diffuse knowledge in the broad range of disciplines relevant and receptive to the dynamically changing domestic and international environment;
  • To broaden the access of deserving and qualified students to higher education opportunities;
  • To optimize the social, institutional and individual returns and benefits derived from theutilization of higher education resources;
  • To develop and maintain the integrity of the professions or disciplines that will provide steward leaders for the nation;
  • To promote the Marian – Augustinian culture of commitment to charity, action, contemplation, and bias towards the service of the church to the poor and marginalized, and the promotion of justice and peace, creation spirituality and gender equality.


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  • Basic Education
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  • Non Degree Certificate Program
  • TESDA Programs

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