Administrators and Department Heads Attend Leadership Training

To further enhance their management skills, heads and administrators of the different departments of La Consolacion University Philippines attended the leadership training seminar sponsored by Rex Bookstore, Inc. at the Rambutan Hall of the BarCIE International Center last July 7, Friday. The program centered on the overall theme: “The Power of Transformative Supervision for Instructional Leadership of the 21st Century”, with Ms. Aida M. Guimarie as resource speaker. The main focus of the seminar was transformational leadership. Guimarie emphasized that a leader should prioritize what is good and beneficial for the improvement of the organization before the pursuit of other selfinterests. Read More

Academic Calendar

October 2

  • Retreat ABM 1 and ABM 2

October 3

  • Retreat ABM 3 & ABM 4
  • National achievement test – Grade 7

October 4

  • Retreat ABM 5 & ABM 6
  • JPIA 2nd General Assembly (CBEA)

October 4-6


October 5

  • Retreat Grade 10 – Sincerity
  • Personality Development and Public Relations Final Event " To the good old days" (CITHM)
  • World Teacher’s Day (BED)

October 6

  • First Friday Mass
  • Social Media and Cyber Bullying Forum (CITE)
  • 3rd Departmental Meeting (CASE)
  • Dean's Hour for BSTM & BSHRM Graduating Students (CITHM)
  • Principal’s Hour (BED)
  • Club Meeting (BED)
  • Faculty Departmental Meeting (CBEA)

October 7

  • Career Symposium – Grade 11
  • Make-up Class (SHS Grade 11)
  • Make-up Class (BED)

September 23 - October 8

  • Night College Enrollment

October 9

  • Retreat ABM 7 & ABM 8
  • Start of classes for 2nd Trimester (Night College)

October 10

  • Retreat ABM 9 & ABM 10

October 11

  • Retreat ABM 11 & ABM 12
  • National Achievement Test – Grade 11

October 11-13

  • Final Exam (College)

October 12

  • Retreat Grade 10 – Fidelity

October 13

  • BS Hotel and Restaurant Management Final Event "A celebration of success" (CITHM)
  • REVALIDA Exam for Physical Therapy (CAMS)
  • Tour Guiding Class - On board/ Actual Tour Guiding (Malolos- Guiginto- Plaridel route) (CITHM)
  • Seminar Workshop Series for Lipat Kaalaman Livelihood Project (CBEA)
  • JPIA Basic Bookkeeping & Financial Management (CBEA)
  • JPMAP & JFINEX – Entrepreneurship and Business Management (CBEA)

October 14

  • Make-up Class (SHS Grade 11)
  • Make-up Class (BED)

October 16-17

  • REVALIDA Exam for Nursing (CAMS)

October 20

  • Deadline for filing LOA (College of Medicine)

October 21

  • BS Tourism Management Final Event "Luminous: a rave for a cause"(CITHM)
  • Ocular Visit of all new Faculty and Staff in Partner Communities (SHS Grade 11)

October 23-24

  • Workshop on 2nd Semester Syllabus Enrichment (SHS Grade 11)
  • Computation of Grades (SHS Grade 11)

October 23-25

  • Release of Final Grades (College)

October 23-28

  • Faculty Clearance (CASE)

October 24-28

  • ASAM Sports Fest @ Laguna

October 25

  • Learning Session on Multiple Responses Strategies: An Approach to Student Engagement (SHS Grade 11)
  • Computation of Grades (SHS Grade 11)
  • Enrollment 1st Year (College)

October 25-27

  • Second Periodical Test (BED)

October 26

  • Learning Session on Authentic Assessment : Authentic Learning (SHS Grade 11)
  • Encoding of Grades (SHS Grade 11)
  • Enrollment 2nd Year (College)

October 27

  • Culminating Activity Month of the Holy Rosary
  • Talk on the Effective Use of Educational Technology to Supplement Classroom Instruction (SHS Grade 11)
  • Encoding of Grades (SHS Grade 11)
  • Enrollment 3rd Year (College)
  • Orientation of BSMT Students for their Internship (CAMS)
  • Mass and Living Rosary (BED)

October 30

  • Faculty Meeting in Preparation for the Opening of the Second Semester (SHS Grade 11)
  • Reading of Grades (SHS Grade 11)
  • Enrollment 4th Year (College)
  • Submission of Monthly Performance Report (CASE)

October 31

  • Reading of Grade (SHS Grade 11)
  • Transferee, Irregular and Returnees Enrollment (College)



La Consolacion University Philippines aspires to become an academic leader recognized for innovative and quality instruction, research-oriented higher education institution in the international community and exemplar in providing sustainable outreach services to the poor.


The core mission of the University is to promote learning in the Augustinian - Marian tradition and the values necessary to be men and women of wisdom and compassion. The University will distinguish itself as a diverse, socially responsible learning community sustained by a faith that does justice through unity, charity and truth. As a Catholic institution of higher learning and convinced of the primacy of Love, LCUP assumes the responsibility of consistently serving and caring for God’s people regardless of their color, creed and culture. The missionary mandate of LCUP is to provide transformative education among the Augustinian community of friends through formation and discipleship and development of world - class graduates and professionals.

Institutional Goals

  • To provide basic and higher formal and innovative education programs that are nationalist/ globalist in character and responsive to international standards of responsive excellence;
  • To generate and diffuse knowledge in the broad range of disciplines relevant and receptive to the dynamically changing domestic and international environment;
  • To broaden the access of deserving and qualified students to higher education opportunities;
  • To optimize the social, institutional and individual returns and benefits derived from theutilization of higher education resources;
  • To develop and maintain the integrity of the professions or disciplines that will provide steward leaders for the nation;
  • To promote the Marian – Augustinian culture of commitment to charity, action, contemplation, and bias towards the service of the church to the poor and marginalized, and the promotion of justice and peace, creation spirituality and gender equality.


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