About the President

Sr. Imelda A. Mora, OSA, Ph.D.


Alvin V. Nuqui, Ph.D.

EVP/VPAA and Dean of Graduate School

Mrs. Consorcia Figueroa

Director for Finance

Dr. Aileen Dela Cruz

VP for Local and International Networking and Linkages

Ms. Joyce Eugenio

Director, HRDO

Dr. Viktor Amores

Director, Community Extension Services

Dr. Enrico Rosales

Director, RPO

Mr. Jonelle Cenita

OIC, Registrar's Office

Mr. Jose Neal Tabingo

Director, IEP

Dr. Ma. Cristina Elma Zulueta

Dean, College of Medicine

Dr. Manuel Aves

Dean, CAMS

Dr. Brenda Lansang

Dean, CASE

Dr. Lyssander Rodan Dela Cruz

Dean, CBEA

Engr. Joseph Espino

Dean, CITE

Mrs. Consorcia Figueroa

Director, ETEEAP and Dean, Night College

Chef Jeremy Malcampo

Manager, Cafe Barcelo and Assistant Dean, CITHM

Ms. Rosette Tanwangco


Ms. Teresa Anies

Assistant Dean, CAMS

Mr. Carlo Bondoc

Assistant Dean, CASE

Mrs. Elizabeth Vivar

Assistant Dean, Night College

Mrs. Olivia Almario

Principal, BED (Catmon Campus)

Ms. Divina Ann Eusebio

Principal, SHS (Barasoain Campus)

Mr. Virgilio Bantigue

Asst. Principal BED - JHS

Mr. Ryan Jay Dayao

Asst. Principal BED - SHS

Dr. Maricel Cabiling - Ramos

Asst. Principal, BED - ECE

Mr. Rorimar Mallari

Asst. Principal SHS (Barasoain Campus)

Mrs. Alma Centeno

Academic Coordinator SHS (Barasoain Campus) and Alumni Coordinator

Ms. Maria Corazon D. Segismundo

Administrative Officer to the EVP/VPAA

Dr. Ma. Mercedez Haz

Chief Librarian University Archivist

Mr. Alejandro Vistan

Director, Quality Assurance

Mr. Ezekiel Rodriguez

Director, Marketing and Promotions

MS. Pauline R. Reyes

General Manager, BarCIE International Center

Mr. Roody Angelo Juan

Asst. Director, Community Extension Service

Ms. Cielo Emar Paraoan, MSc.

Assistant Director RPO

Ms. Rosalyn Galvez

Director, SAS

Dr. Lolita Trani

Guidance Coordinator

Dr. Joanne Bernardo

Coordinator, Health Services Unit

Mr. Norman Santiago

Coordinator, Sports and Development Program

Mr. Christian Angelo Catindig

Coordinator, IEP (Barasoain Campus)

Mr. Marwin Palomo

Administrator, UBMSS

Mr. Genno Guieb

Suervisor, UBMSS

Mr. Angelo Cartago

Director, Culture and Arts Program

Mr. Cyrus Somedo

Manager, AMO

LCUP OSA Sisters

Sr. Victoria Gan, OSA

Community Coordinator

Sr. Angelina Bernardo, OSA

Apostolate of Presence

Sr. Desiana B. Egalan, OSA

BSE student / Econome

Sr. Mylen Ebrada, OSA

Community Treasurer

Board of Trustees

Misson, Vision, and Goals


La Consolacion University Philippines aspires to become an academic leader recognized for innovative and quality instruction, research-oriented higher education institution in the international community and exemplar in providing sustainable outreach services to the poor.  


The core mission of the University is to promote learning in the Augustinian - Marian tradition and the values necessary to be men and women of wisdom and compassion. The University will distinguish itself as a diverse, socially responsible learning community sustained by a faith that does justice through unity, charity and truth. As a Catholic institution of higher learning and convinced of the primacy of Love, LCUP assumes the responsibility of consistently serving and caring for God’s people regardless of their color, creed and culture.  The missionary mandate of LCUP is to provide transformative education among the Augustinian community of friends through formation and discipleship and development of world - class graduates and professionals.

Institutional Goals

  • To provide basic and higher formal and innovative education programs that are nationalist/ globalist in character and responsive to international standards of responsive excellence;
  • To generate and diffuse knowledge in the  broad range of disciplines relevant and receptive to the  dynamically changing domestic and international environment;
  • To broaden the access of deserving and qualified students to higher education opportunities;
  • To optimize the social, institutional and individual returns and benefits derived from theutilization of higher education resources;
  • To develop and maintain the integrity of the professions or disciplines that will provide steward leaders for the nation; 
  • To promote the Marian – Augustinian culture of commitment to charity, action, contemplation, and bias towards the service of the church to the poor and marginalized, and the promotion of justice and peace, creation spirituality and gender equality.



Early Beginning - 1937-1945

   The La Consolacion University Philippines, formerly University of Regina Carmeli, and Colegio de Nuestra Señora del Carmen, is a coeducational Catholic school established and administered by the Augustinian Sisters of Our Lady of Consolation (ASOLC).  The school was established in 1937 when Doña Estefania del Rosario Vda. de Jacinto, a sister of Mother Catalina de Jesus, OSA, donated a property for the education of the children of poor families in Barasoain.  At that time, it was then the only educational institution in the locality.

In May 1937, five Augustinian Sisters with Sor Encarnacion delos Remedios as the Superior took charge of the school when it was formally opened.  In June 1937, the school was blessed and dedicated to Our Lady of Mt.Carmel, Patroness of the Parish of Barasoain, Malolos.

Early Childhood Education and Elementary courses were initially offered.  In 1940, three special vocational courses were opened: typing, stenography and dressmaking.  The outbreak of World War II forced the closure of the school.  However, upon the insistence of the Japanese occupation forces, the school re-opened and the secondary course was offered.

The operation of the school was temporarily put on hold with the arrival of the    American liberation forces in 1945.  However, the school reopened later that year.  This time, new  college courses were added to the school’s curriculum.


  In 1950, a two-year course for elementary education was offered.  The teaching staff was composed of the intellectuals of the community.

In 1954, a new and better building was constructed.  This time, the sisters concentrated their efforts in strengthening and expanding the Elementary and High School Departments.  This they did by giving up the College Department and special vocational courses retaining only   stenography and typing.

Enrollment continued to increase in the succeeding years.  The quality of instruction dramatically improved owing to the constant entry of qualified teaching force.  Campus discipline was also strictly enforced; facilities were expanded; and new buildings were constructed.  In 1965, the need was felt to reopen the College Department.  More tertiary level courses were included in the curriculum.  Meanwhile, the school management acquired an additional lot meant for the expansion of the College Campus.

In 1967, the school’s name was changed from Colegio de Nuestra Señora del Carmen to Regina Carmeli College.

In August 1979, RCC adopted the Catholic School System Development (CS-SSD) program.  The Program aimed to promote strongly the formation of personnel, systematize operations and upgrade standards in preparation for the long-range plan of the school for voluntary accreditation.

On August 27, 1984, a solemn ceremony took place to celebrate the laying of the cornerstone of the extension building of Regina Carmeli College on a five-hectare lot at Catmon, Malolos, Bulacan.  The move manifested the desire of the institution to play a more decisive role in the education of the Bulakeños.  By June of 1985, the Catmon Campus was ready for occupancy.  The new campus was blessed and dedicated in a solemn liturgical ceremony on July 4, 1985.

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