Calendar of Activity - August

1 Orientation and Consultation for Review Program BSRT (CAMS)
2Career Orientation (Kinder – Gr.6) Lipat Kaalaman @ MRH with CBEA, CITE & CITHM (Extension)
3 Symposium on Teenage Pregnancy (Grade 11 ABM) First Friday Mass
4 Dialogue of Life Gr.4 & Gr. 5 (Extension)
6-11 Midterm Exam (Night College)
11 Institutional Assembly (LCUP Personnel)
13 Research Profiling of Faculty (Research) Freshmen & Parents Orientation (Medicine)
15 Bulacan Foundation Day – Non-Working Holiday Start of Call for Papers ICIRI 4 (Research)
16 General Orientation for LCUP Personnel (Research) Start of Classes (Medicine) Lipat Kaalaman @ NV9 with CITE & CBEA (Extension)
16-17 Institutional In-Service Training Program (LCUP Personnel)
18 Start of Enrolment for New Students (Graduate School)
20 Departmental Meeting (CITHM)
21 Ninoy Aquino Day - Special Non-Working Holiday
22 Eidl Adha Sacrifice Feast - Regular Holiday
23 Opening of Classes for College
25 Comprehensive Examination (Graduate School) Pilgrimage Activity (Night College)
26-31 Accounting Pinnacle for Excellence Conference Quiz Bowl (CBEA)
27 National Heroes Day - Regular Holiday Feast of St. Monica
28 Feast of St. Augustine
29 General Orientation of Caregiving NC II Program (CAMS) La Mesa de Sor Counselo Program (Night College)
29,31 & Sept.3 1st Periodical Test (K-10)
30 Marcelo H. del Pilar Special Non-Working Day
31 Blood Donation with Red Cross (Extension) General Orientation of New and Old Students (CAMS)
31, Sept. 1&6 Midterm Exam (Grade 12)