La Consolacion University Philippines

La Consolacion


Mission & Vision


Moved by the Spirit of the Risen Christ, La Consolacion University Philippines aspires to produce graduates imbibed with Catholic, Augustinian, and Marian values. The institution strives to be an academic leader in the global community for innovative and quality instruction. It also envisions to provide an enabling environment that promotes research productivity and makes it exemplary in providing sustainable extension services to the marginalized sector of the society.


To achieve the above vision, LCUP commits itself to generate and make available to its learners’ programs and services that are:

  • • high quality whose standards are internationally comparable;
  • • affordable to all deserving learners, regardless of gender, origin, race, creed;
  • • complementary in partnership and/or in collaboration with higher education institutions, user sectors, and other public and private agencies globally;
  • • vital to the dynamically changing global environment (such as pandemic); and
  • • Catholic, Augustinian, and Marian spirit committed to promote Gender Consciousness, Justice and Peace, Patriotism, and Creation-Spirituality.


  • • To provide basic and higher formal and innovative education programs that are nationalist/globalist in character and responsive to international standards of responsive excellence.
  • • To generate and diffuse knowledge in the broad range of disciplines relevant and receptive to the dynamically changing domestic and international environment.
  • • To broaden the access of deserving and qualified students to higher education opportunities
  • • To optimize the social, institutional, and individual returns and benefits derived from the utilization of higher education resources.
  • • To develop and maintain the integrity of the professions or disciplines that will provide steward leaders for the nation.
  • • To promote the Marian - Augustinian culture of commitment to charity, action, contemplation, and bias towards the service of the Church to the poor and marginalized and the promotion of justice and peace, creation spirituality and gender equality.



We strive to turn inward - a return to our inner self. Encountering the reality of our self and its sinfulness, through prayer, reflection, and contemplative silence for us to transcend to an ultimate encounter with God.


We foster the ability to freely express our thoughts and ideas. Bravely speaking the truth in a prudent manner. Having the audacity to give and accept brotherly or sisterly corrections. And doing the right thing that is based on Gospel values even other people are doing the other way around.

Community Oriented

We foster a spirit of friendship, unity and interdependence based on mutual trust and respect to create a socially responsive environment that would challenge each one to be united and committed in reaching a common goal.


We strive to love and extend our care for others by understanding their feelings, recognizing their needs, and responding to it..


We strive to accept our reality and the sacredness in us and of others. Allowing us to recognize and appreciate our strengths and limitations. Willingly accepting feedbacks and/or brotherly or sisterly corrections and taking the opportunity to transcend and learn from those. And for being grateful to God for uniquely creating us for a certain purpose.

Missionary Spirit

We strive to live a life that touches others. A life witnessing the examples and teachings of Christ. The boldness to respond to the call of time.

La Consolacion University Philippines