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Student Development Services


The mission of the Student Development Services is to provide quality programs and activities for students through the different co-and extra-curricular organizations in the light of the Catholic-Augustinian Spirituality, nationalism, global competitiveness and responsiveness to the changing local, national and international environment


The Student Development Services, as a sub-unit of the Student Affairs and Services, envisions itself to be a provider of quality student programs and activities designed to develop and hone students whom are holistically aligned to the core values of the institution and are able to meet the demands and challenges of the society.

  • To initiate innovative programs and activities in order to effectively respond to the standards of quality and excellence and meet the demands of the ever changing needs of the students.
  • To ensure just and optimal utilization of human and material resources in the fulfillment of the institutional goals for maximum productivity.
  • To provide services and activities to holistically develop students who will become steward leaders for society
  • To nurture the Catholic-Marian-Augustinian and Christ-centered values amongst the students.

  Le-Mairre P. Manalaysay

SDS Coordinator/Student Activity Officer (College)

La Consolacion University Philippines