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Dean, College of Business, Entrepreneurship and Accountancy


The College of Business, Entrepreneurship and Accountancy envisions itself to become a center of excellence in accountancy, business management and entrepreneurship education. It is committed to the delivery of relevant and effective accountancy and business education programs aligned with the demands of the dynamically changing local and international business environment to produce professionally competent graduates aware of their rights, duties and responsibilities as Christ-centered, stewards of the society, and imbibed with Catholic, Augustinian, and Marian ideals.


The College of Business, Entrepreneurship and Accountancy recognizes the synergistic effect of every individual and every business process undertaken in the different academic and support units in our concerted effort to deliver quality education to our students. To effectively form and train our students toward professional competence, it must also be imbibed by the College of Business, Entrepreneurship and Accountancy faculty and staff, as well as, all operational units the College is working in close coordination with.

The College recognizes that without adequate and appropriate support structures and methods, our human resources will not be sufficient to ensure the development of competent professionals. As such, the College, as an integral part of the university, has the responsibility of fostering as internal environment contributing to the holistic formation and development of all constituents, including faculty, staff and students, as a community of friends, guided by the Augustinian virtues of truth, charity and unity.

The LCUP College of Business, Entrepreneurship and Accountancy shall offer the different learners high quality education and services that are:

1. relevant and responsive to the needs of the dynamic business communities local and international;
2. affordable to all deserving learners, regardless of gender, origin, race, creed;
3. innovative in program-planning, instruction and research;
4. complementary in partnership with industries, institutions and other business stakeholders; and
5. Catholic in character and imbued with Augustinian spirituality.


1. provide Business and Accountancy education that is Catholic and Augustinian in character, compliant with local and international standards of quality and excellence, and responsive to the global challenges in the business environment
2. promote the development of critical thinking among students in the analysis of business, management, entrepreneurship, and accountancy concerns
3. train students to become agents of change in business organizations through research, knowledge development and technology transfer
4. assist in uplifting the economic well-being of adopted marginalized communities through the creation of short-term programs, activities and livelihood opportunities
5. link with professional and socio-civic organizations to serve as partners in co- and extra-curricular endeavors for the learning enhancement of our accountancy and business students.


Dean's Office : (044) 931-8642 local 142



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