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Student Organizations

Augustinian HM Society (AHMS)

• AHMS is designed primarily for students pursuing Hospitality Management Program through enhancing career development such as participation on professional association conventions and seminars and membership in industry organization.

• It aims to apply discipline specific practices that contribute to the local community through social responsibility and environmental stewardship.

• AHMS promotes social activities and camaraderie among HM students. With “hospitality” in its name, this group makes sure that professional development goes hand-in-hand with fun.

Moderator: Ms. Marilyn Zamora


• CHEFC will bring out the skills and creativity of the BSHM students in the field of culinary arts. Students who would like to specialize on this field would be able to practice it through various competitions and trainings.

• It also aims to provide the necessary skills such as cooking, table napkin folding, table setting, waitering, table skirting, flower arrangement and other skills needed in the industry.

• Open to all enthusiastic HM students

Moderator: Mr. Jhun Capinpin


• League of the Finest Bartenders would help the students to develop knowledge and skills on the following:

      a. Customer Service Students will learn how to give efficient well-mannered service.

      b. Alcohol Awareness - Students will learn to serve alcohol with care and attentiveness.

      c. Flair Training - Students will study the art of flair bartending.

• League of the Finest Bartenders would help students develop their self-confidence through participation in bartending competitions sponsored by schools and industry organizations.

• Open to students inclined with bartending and mixology moves

Moderator: Ms. Angelyn Dy Tioco

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