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Student Organizations

Augustinian Tourism Society [ATS]

• ATS aim is to be catalyst for the students to enhance career prospects within the tourism industry as well as assists to build a close relationship with the main stakeholders of the industry. ATS seeks to develop leadership skills and camaraderie amongst its peers.

• ATS also offers the students the opportunity to engage in recreational activities that concentrates on having fun with other members of our campus community. It exercises both mind and body through environmentally sound outdoor adventures like hiking, camping running, tree planting and traveling. The activities will foster educational growth through building self-awareness, teamwork and risk taking and decision making.

• Required to all Tourism Students.

• Moderator: Ms. Fe Corazon C. Villanueva


• TTA provide the students of today the necessary skills they need such as tour guiding, tour package proposal making, tourism marketing, slogan making, poster making and other industry skills to become tourism professionals of tomorrow.

• It strengthens the participation of its members through participation in inter-university conferences, symposia, and academic contests. It also upholds the values of integrity, social responsibility, leadership, and commitment to all its members.

• Open to all enthusiastic Tourism Students

• Moderator: Ms. Lizzette Ang


• GTS would provide variety of projects and activities that might help the university an official “green school”:

     a. Student-Run Recycling Club

     b. Recycle Newspapers & Magazines to Create Fabulous Art Projects

     c. Take an Environmentally Informative Field Trip

     d. Organic Composting

     e. Go Paperless

     f. Going “Green” Resources From Scholastic

• Open to all ECO-FRIENDLY TM and HM Students


• The University Ambassadors Organization was formed in order to promote and train college students to become professionals’ tourism individuals. This organization was established for CITHM students at La Consolacion University in the Philippines

• The LCUP-CITHM University Ambassadors Organization (UAO) is a collaboration of the Guides Alliance of Bulacan at Your Service (GABAY) that strives with the goal of assisting and supporting Tourism and Hospitality students in improving and enhancing their personal development, providing opportunities and memorable experiences, and fulfilling their life dreams and goals as tourism individuals. All for the benefit of future LCUP achievers.

 Open to all HM and TM students

• Moderator: Mr. Erwin Valenzuela

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