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Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management


A (4) four-year degree program that provides a holistic development of future hospitality professionals. It offers a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical skills development focusing on quality service and concrete industry practice embedded in curriculum.

This program leads to expertise in the realm of Management of Hotel and Restaurant service operations, a combination of core business, leadership and ethical management courses that offer future hospitality professionals to become workplace ready with practical experiences and passion to achieve excellent service in a multi-faceted industry. Students are provided the opportunity to think strategically and explore through industry standard practical application of theories consisting of immersions and internships organized to bring forth formative professional experiences for students.


It is expected that graduates of the Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management Program [BSHM] should be able to:

1. Produce food products and services complying with enterprises standards;
2. Provide food and beverage services and manage the operation seamlessly based on industry standards;
3. Apply management skills in F & B service and operations;
4. Perform and maintain various housekeeping services for guest and facility operations;
5. Perform and provide full guest cycle services for front office;
6. Plan and implement a risk management program to provide a safe and secure workplace;
7. Develop strategies and tactics that may be used in hospitality to avoid challenges and turn them into opportunities;
8. Critically assess business to tourism and hospitality business’ communication;
9. Discuss the importance of standardization in controlling costs;
10. Develop and implement own sustainability programs to ensure the long term survival of business in the industry;
11. Show Catholic-Augustinian Marian perspective in responding to issues and problems in the hospitality and tourism operations;
12. Demonstrate the ability to develop well rounded service-providers in the hospitality and tourism industries imbued with the Catholic-Augustinian Marian core values and virtues.



   Laboratory 1        Hot Kitchen Laboratory
   Laboratory 2        Baking Laboratory
   Laboratory 3        Cold Kitchen Laboratory
   Laboratory 4        Bar and Beverage Laboratory
   Laboratory 5        CITHM Mini Hotel Simulation Area
                                               a. Front Desk with Hotel Reservation System
                                               b. [1] Suite Room and [1] Twin Room
                                               c. Laundry Area
   Laboratory 6        CITHM Function Hall
   Laboratory 7        Agostino Kitchen Laboratory [International Cuisine]
   Laboratory 8        BarCIE International Center [for Practicum Part 1]
   Laboratory 9        Villa Sta. Monica Suites [for Practicum Part 2]
   Laboratory 10        Computer Laboratory with HMS Program on Cloud


         a. Faculty Room
           b. Faculty-Student Consultation Room
           c. Student Lounge


   Ms. Angelyn Dy Tioco

   Program Head, BSHM

   Mobile Number: 0998-548-7050

   Ms. Perla DG Pascua

   Director, BarCIE International Center

   Mobile Number: 0939-563-2079

   Mr. Jhun Capinpin

   Officer-in-Charge, Food and Beverage Service

   Mobile Number: 0999-674-2729

   Ms. Marilyn Zamora

   Officer-in-Charge, Assessment Center

   Mobile Number: 0905-168-6740

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