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      Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management


Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management is a (4) four-year degree program that provides students a concrete view in the field of tourism. This program leads to expertise in management of travel and tour services, transportation services, tourism planning and product development, MICE planning and management, food production (culinary) and accommodations operations, food and beverage service operations as well as other jobs in the travel, events and hotel sector. It aims to address the need for professionals who can help in promoting the tourism and hospitality industries in the Philippines. The curriculum is designed to develop skills in critical thinking, creative problem solving, research, intellectual curiosity, and operational competencies. The combination of theories learned inside the classroom, industry immersion and on-the-job training will prepare the students to be globally competitive in tourism management operations.


It is expected that graduates of the Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management Program (BSTM) should be able to:

1. Research, plan and conduct various tour guiding activities;
2. Plan, implement and monitor tours and sales activities;
3. Develop appropriate marketing program and arrange the required travel services;
4. Plan, organize, implement and evaluate MICE activities;
5. Plan, develop and evaluate tourism sites and attractions;
6. Develop writing and multi-media reporting skills and explore ways to tell stories across media platforms;
7. Communicate tourism information in a variety of ways and settings;
8. Plan, design, and assess interpretation programs for tourists;
9. Understand and participate in the best sustainable tourism and social enterprise practices in the Philippines;
10. Explore a range of techniques to audit the tourism environment;
11. Show Catholic-Augustinian Marian perspective in responding to issues and problems in the hospitality and tourism operations;
12. Demonstrate the ability to develop well rounded service-providers in the hospitality and tourism industries imbued with the Catholic-Augustinian Marian core values and virtues.



   Laboratory 1        Hot Kitchen Laboratory
   Laboratory 2        Baking Laboratory
   Laboratory 3        Cold Kitchen Laboratory
   Laboratory 4        Bar and Beverage Laboratory
   Laboratory 5        CITHM Mini Hotel Simulation Area
                                               a. Front Desk with Hotel Reservation System
                                               b. [1] Suite Room and [1] Twin Room
                                               c. Laundry Area
   Laboratory 6        CITHM Function Hall
   Laboratory 7        Agostino Kitchen Laboratory [International Cuisine]
   Laboratory 8        BarCIE International Center [for Practicum Part 1]
   Laboratory 9        Villa Sta. Monica Suites [for Practicum Part 2]
   Laboratory 10      CITHM Travel and Tour Simulation Agency with SABRE Airline Reservation System
   Laboratory 11      Computer Laboratory with HMS Program on Cloud


         a. Faculty Room
           b. Faculty-Student Consultation Room
           c. Student Lounge


   Ms. Lizzette D. Ang

   Officer-in-Charge, Travel and Tour Simulation Agency

   Mobile Number: 0905-489-7191

   Mr. Erwin R. Valenzuela

   Officer-in-Charge, Tour Guiding

   Mobile Number: 0917-326-2776

   Ms. Chin Dho Wu

   Officer-in-Charge, Foreign Language

   Mobile Number: 0933-557-8118

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