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UMBRELLA PROGRAM Community Extension Programs


The LCUP Extension Unit (Mother Rita Barcelo Outreach Program) is mandated to:

  • Establish community-oriented programs that would transform the people in the adopted communities into Gospel-centered, self-reliant, self-determining and productive citizens of the nation;
  • Extend its educational services that are responsive to the needs of people in the communities through innovative and alternative way;
  • Develop socio-pastoral opportunities that inspire the school personnel and students to integrate theoretical knowledge with Christian and Catholic responses to the needs of communities;
  • Coordinate the community service programs of the various academic units as well as affiliate non-government, civic, and professional organizations;
  • Nurture among the personnel, parents, and students a strong sense of volunteerism that exhibit Missionary Spirit to help in the alleviation of poverty among people in the adopted communities as well as in the nearby towns, cities and provinces;
  • Link critical development issues important to target communities with the University’s research, instruction, personal expertise and external resources; and
  • Create linkages/networks with outside stakeholder for collaboration, technical and financial assistance.


The Extension (Mother Rita Barcelo Outreach Program) operates as the University’s unit that manages strategies and activities - characterized as Christ-centered, Augustinian and Marian services, and integrates instruction and research which encourage the University’s human resources to support the growth and empowerment of the people in the adopted communities through the principle of sharing.

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