1.To develop consciousness and increase active involvement and participation of the school constituents in the community extension activities;
2.To provide an efficient system for students, personnel and external community beneficiaries to gain access to appropriate learning resources and opportunities for the improvement of the quality of life;
3.To facilitate community building services enabling beneficiaries to acquire knowledge, skills and proper attitudes for enhancing their human dignity, potentials and capabilities;
4.To guide the department activities toward building basic ecclesial communities;
5.To ensure the close coordination between LCUP CESOP with external communities;
6.To provide Alternative educational program for students with special needs, non-traditional special college-age, graduate students and mature learners including professionals seeking continuing professional development;
7.To provide innovative educational programs for continuing professional training;
8.To establish cooperative and collaborative linkages with higher education providers, Local Government Units (LGU) and other Non-Government Organization (including international organization)
9.To sustain holistic community development programs for marginalized population toward the promotion of justice and peace in the environment; and
10.To provide educational, technical assistance and support (training, supervision, research) to internal units of the University and external entities like the Church, government and non-government organizations.