The LCUP Community Extension Services and Outreach Program are designed to:
Extend its educational services to the needs not only of its students but also of its external communities and other stakeholders;
Link critical development issues important to target communities with the University’s research, instruction, personal expertise and external resources;
Offer opportunities for the school personnel and students integrate theoretical knowledge with socially-conscious Christian responses to the needs of communities;
Coordinate the community service programs of the various academic units as well as affiliate communities;
Nurture among the personnel, parents, and students a strong sense of volunteerism towards service to help alleviate poverty among people in the adopted communities as well as people in the nearby towns, cities and provinces;
Establish extension program that aims to transform the people in the adopted communities into self-reliant, self-determining and productive citizens of the nation; and
Create linkages/networks with outside stakeholder for collaboration, technical and financial assistance.