LCUGH Policy

LCUGH is a smoke free zone. Smoking is strictly prohibited inside and outside hospital premises.

Security guards have the responsibility to check patient’s belongings.

The following are prohibited:
       A. Firearms and deadly weapons
       B. Alcoholic drinks and beverages
       C. Electrical equipment like: rice cooker, water heater, percolator,
       bread toaster and other cooking equipment to avoid power surge.

Children below 12 years old are not allowed to stay inside patient’s room. This is to protect them from acquiring sickness.

        • Private Rooms and Ward:
               9:00am– 8:00 pm.
        • Please limit the number of visitors at the given time. Patients are
          and sleep during hospitalization.

Number of companions allowed for admitted patients:
       Private Room: two adult watchers
       Semi-private and ward: one adult watcher

Use of personal medical devices such as nebulizer and others are not allowed.



A. Emergency Room
     We adhere to the highest ethical standards in our conduct

• Admission Kit/ Pillow The purpose of which is for protection and infection control.
• Patient Identification Tag that must be worn on the wrist at all times This is for patient’s proper identification.

B. Ward:
     B.1. Amenities inside patient’s room:

           • TV set and remote control
           • Refrigerator/adaptor
           • Side Table/patient table
           • Extra beddings for the watcher

These should be acknowledged by the patient/companion in the checklist to be provided by the nurses.

B.2. The hospital shall not be held responsible for lost/damage on patient’s valuables and personal belongings.


• Discharge of patient shall start upon the order of the attending physician.
• Patients are given a period of two (2) hours after bill settlement to vacate the room. Additional charges shall apply in excess:

            - One (1) to Four (4) hours - 25% of the room rate
            - Five (5) to Twelve (12) hours – 50% of the room rate
            - Thirteen (13) to Twenty Four (24) hours 100% of the room rate

• Utility personnel are available to assist patient to the drop off at the front lobby. This is facilitated by the nurse on duty upon presentation of the discharge slip secured at the cashier after payment of bill.


supports and promotes breastfeeding. This is the best method in providing nutrition, immunoprotection and care for the mother and the baby


Please coordinate with the nurses and accounting office for proper endorsement.