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■To provide access to digital, online and printed collection of basic and higher formal and innovative education programs that are nationalist/globalist in character and responsive to international standards and excellence.
■To support research that will generate and diffuse knowledge in the broad range of disciplines relevant and receptive to the dynamically changing domestic, international and virtual environment.
■To optimize the social, institutional and individual returns and benefits to derived from the utilization of higher education resources.
■To develop and maintain the professional and personal integrity among the members of the community that will equip the nation with responsible and accountable stewards.
■To promote the Catholic Augustinian Marian culture of commitment to charity, action contemplation and preferential option towards the marginalized sector of the society and the promotion of justice and peace, creation spirituality and gender equality in the library collection facilities, operation, resources and services.


The La Consolacion University Philippines Library envision to be the leading academic resources center by providing access to digital and online collection ,facilities, equipment, responsive services ,contribute to creating a strong , resilient and informed academic community that support the university to become a catalyst for the holistic transformational development of Catholic Augustinian Marian graduates rooted in Gospel values engaging in excellence blended ,flexible learning modalities, physical and virtual spaces that facilitate innovation, collaboration , research and social community involvement.


To achieve the vision, the library commits itself to provides access in digital and online collection, facilities, equipment, services that will support excellence in instruction, quality services, research productivity, community oriented and make available to its Augustinian – Marian students:

• to provide its client with timely access to hybrid collection;
• promote interest in reading and research work;
• participate in the global information and community development;
• pursue the professional advancement of the library personnel;
• preserve and conserve archival collection of the university.

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