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Dr. Janet Valdez

January 28, 2023

As Consolanians dig deeper into the solid foundation of the research haven, the Graduate Studies Department, under the visionary leadership of Vice President Enrico F. Rosales, Ph.D., held a face-to-face Research Colloquium aptly titled "Approaches to Research" on January 28, 2023, at the LCUP Kalinangan Auditorium.

The colloquium comprised five (5) best research papers from the Graduate Studies students during the School Year 2021-2022. The first presentation was on a quantitative research approach. The last three (3) were on a qualitative research approach, while the second presentation was on a mixed methods approach.

The quantitative approach to research was presented by Atty. Ryan Estevez, Ph.D., the Executive Director of CHED-UniFAST and concurrently the Deputy Executive Director of CHED, who was a hardworking LCUP alumnus of the Doctor in Public Administration at LCUP. He is appointed as OIC University President of the Bukidnon State University. He presented his study titled, An Assessment on the Implementation of the Programs Under R.A. 10931 Among the Local Universities and Colleges: Basis for Proposed Program and Policy Enhancement.Read More ...

The second speaker was Dr. Oliver Meneses, a middle school religion teacher at St. Anthony's School in Fresno, California. He graduated from LCUP Graduate Studies with a Doctor of Philosophy in Education Major in Educational Leadership and Management. He showed the mixed methods approach used in his dissertation titled, Catholic Schools' Re-Imagined Actions and Approaches of Catholic School Administrators in Keeping Catholic Education Thrive During the Pandemic Crisis. The presentation took advantage of technology through his virtual presentation and interaction.

Prof. Jennylou Dela Rosa, a Staff at the Graduate Studies Department and part-time faculty member of the College of Arts, Sciences, and Education, as well as the Graduate Studies Department, presented her qualitative thesis titled, Wheel of Life at the End of the Tunnel: A Phenomenological Study from the Lens of the Aged People. She earned her license as a Registered Psychometrician and an alumna of the LCUP Graduate Studies' Master of Science in Psychology.

Lastly, Dr. Jay Mark Santos, the Assistant to the Vice President for Academic Affairs and OIC for Accreditation, side-by-side with being a full-time faculty at the College of Arts, Sciences, and Education, graduated from LCUP with a Doctor of Philosophy in English, Language and Literature degree. He presented his qualitative dissertation, Critical Discourse Analysis of Teachers' Green Discourse: An Input for Eco-Pedagogical Strategies.

The face-to-face program at the Kalinangan Auditorium ran smoothly and orderly, with an Opening Prayer from Dr. Olivia Almario, Dean of the College of Arts, Sciences, and Education, and Opening Remarks from the Vice President for Research, Publications, and Linkages, Dr. Mark Rey Santos.

The Graduate Studies Department updates its students with the trends in higher education, particularly in research. From carving a research niche to reflections on research of the previous school year and two (2) international research conferences: the 2nd LCUP-GE&RA International Conference and ICIRI 4.0, LCUP is undoubtedly a research haven. Hide

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