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April 20, 2021

Recognizing the importance of getting vaccinated against the Corona Virus Disease (CoViD), the University spearheaded Vac to the Future: A Vac to Vac online discussion on CoViD-19 Vaccines and Vaccination Testimonies, April 20, 2021 via Facebook Live.

The university initiated the said webinar-session to spread knowledge and awareness on the benefits of CoViD-19 Vaccines, vaccination procedures, and its possible side effects.

During the first part of the webinar, Dr. Maria Cristina Zulueta, Dean of the College of Medicine (COM), generally discussed how vaccines help in protecting the human body from diseases and infections. She also elaborated how CoViD-19 vaccines were made, the available brands of CoViD-19 vaccines and how it differs from one another. As Dr. Zulueta went through with her talk, she also shared her experience after getting vaccinated.

On the second part, the discussion was graced by vaccinated frontliners from the LCUP community who shared their testimonies on CoViD-19 vaccines. Speakers who shared their stories were Dr. Mel Bilbao, Dr. Agnes Sumodlayon, Dr. Joan Bernardo, Dr. Enrico Rosales, and Mr. Roody Angelo Juan. Various side effects were mentioned but the speakers encouraged the community to get vaccinated and think of the protection more than the symptoms.

The LCUP Community raised their questions and concerns during the open forum at the latter part of the webinar session.


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