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March 5, 2021

The La Consolacion University Philippines conducted a blessing ceremony as it opens the Agustino Farm – an institutional project that introduces and promotes organic farming and proper waste management to the LCUP Commity, March 5, 2021 at the La Consolacion University Philippines – Main Campus, City of Malolos, Bulacan.

The blessing was conducted by Rev. Fr. Cornelio Jaranilla, Jr. OCD. As the Univerity Chaplain, he also presided over the Holy Mass prior to the blessing ceremony. In consonance with the safety protocols for CoViD-19, only the few personnel reporting for work, attended the said ceremony. The event, however was also streamlined over the LCUP FB page so the rest of the LCUP community may also view and participate in this momentous event virtually. Read More ...

The Agustino Farm features different ecological agri-components such as chicken and duck coops, fish pond, plots of vegetable and ornamental plants. Fertilizers are also made in the farm using Indigenous Microorganisms (IMO) – a natural and chemical-free microorganism that inhabits the soil and improves soil fertility. Water purification is also one of the features of the farm.

The construction of the Agustino Farm, which took three months to finish, was initiated also by Rev. Fr. Jaranilla, being the Consultant for Human and Spiritual Formation, Culinary Arts & Landscaping, Properties & Facilities Utilization and Sustainability. There were personnel from the University Building Maintenance and Services (UBMS) Office assigned in different areas such as carpentry, masonry, poultry, gardening, and overall supervision of the project.

The farm used to be a dumpsite rehabilitated to contribute in cleaning the environment, prevent flooding in the university. It showcases the environmental stewardship, creating something beautiful and worthy through recycling, and a beautiful terrain with a calming atmospherre inside the campus.

The Agustino Farm is still on the refinement process. Aside from the regular maintenance, there are plans to further improve the landscape and launch the farm as a peaceful go-to place for the LCUP Community where they can visit and pray, eat, go fishing, boating or channel inner comfort. In the future, the university is also open with the possibility of creating an income generating program out of the features of the farm. Hide


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