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March 19, 2022

Partnerships and collaborations bring LCUP to a higher level of endeavors. The initiative starts with La Consolacion University Philippines' Office of the Vice President for Research, Publications, and Linkages and the Office of the Vice President for Graduate Studies. At the helm of the institutional partnership and collaboration were the heads of the two departments: Dr. Mark Rey Santos and Dr. Enrico F. Rosales, respectively.

Since the global pandemic struck in the year 2020, culminating activities for students have also halted due to the learning adjustments implemented by the academic industry. With the full cooperation of parents and BED teachers, the said activity was conducted after two years but with strict adherence to the University's COVID-19 prevention, mitigation, and control protocols. Forty-two grade 3 and 4 pupils participated and experienced their first confession and communion. Read More ...

The Research Competency Enhancement Webinar started at precisely 8 a.m. with the Opening Remarks from Vice President Dr. Rosales of the -Graduate Studies Department. It ended at past 1 in the afternoon with the Closing Remarks from OIC-Vice President Dr. Santos of the Research, Publications, and Linkages Office. Dr. Valdez of the Research Unit acted as moderator of the event with able technical assistance from Director Ezekiel Rodriguez of the Marketing and Promotions Office, Ms. Ronamel Cruz of the RPLO, and Mr. Gabriel Cansino from the GS. Although the entire Webinar was captured on video, participants clamored for Part 2 of the Webinar with a similar program structure and caliber of speakers. Hence, the two (2) offices start grinding on their planning wheel.

The well-attended Webinar, which aimed to augment the gaps derived from the Research Competency Needs Analysis Survey, brought together 926 active participants. Based on the Activity Evaluation, the participants strongly agreed (4.93) that the topics and information presented were relevant and meaningful. They also evaluated all the resource speakers as outstanding, with the lowest Mean score of 4.54 (outstanding) and the highest Mean score of 4.68 (outstanding). Hide

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