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LCUP spearheads
"The Doctor is In" – a series of online health forums amid the pandemic

May 4 - July 1, 2022

Combatting diseases and nutritional issues have been discussed globally over the years. Colossal challenges arose when coronavirus disease struck the world, which shook not just our healthcare systems but the economic structures and social lives. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and boosting the immune system shield the body against viral infection; moreover, we should keep in mind that CoViD-19 is just one among the thousands of diseases we are fighting.

In line with its mission to continue providing health services to its community at the time of the pandemic, La Consolacion University Philippines (LCUP), through its Student Affairs and Services - Health Services Unit (SAS-HSU), in collaboration with the Marketing and Promotions Office, provided discussions on health and wellness amid CoViD-19 through a series of webinars dubbed "The Doctor is In" via Facebook and YouTube live broadcasts.Read More ...

Two episodes of "The Doctor is In" were conducted; Episode 1: Preventing the Most Common Acquired Diseases During Rainy Season on May 24, 2022, and Episode 2: Lusog Agustino Edition – Nutrition Issues on July 1, 2022.

Episode 1: Preventing the Most Common Acquired Diseases during Rainy Season

As the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical, and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) declared May 18, 2022, as the beginning of La Niña, or the rainy season over parts of Luzon and Visayas, emergencies caused by heavy rainfall such as floods and power interruption are not the only hazards we should watch out for, but sickness as well.

For the first episode of "The Doctor is In," SAS-HSU discussed Preventing the Most Common Acquired Diseases during Rainy Season. It was hosted by Mr. Ezekiel D. Rodriguez, Director of Marketing and Promotions Office, and at the same time, the Vice-Chairperson for the Crisis Management Committee. He was joined by his co-host, Nurse Joy Ann Celis-Carlos, Officer, Health Services Unit. Guided by the expertise of the guest speaker Dr. Maria Salome Agnes Castillo-Sumodlayon, University Physician of LCUP, the virtual audience from both Facebook and YouTube live were able to ask questions and clarify some misconceptions.

According to Dr. Sumodlayon, common colds and respiratory diseases are the usual illnesses that might be experienced during rainy seasons. These illnesses can be cured by various home remedies such as drinking plenty of water, ginger tea or salabat, lemon, and other citrus-infused tea or drink.

Episode 2: Lusog Agustino Edition – Nutrition Issues

When community quarantine was imposed, the restrictions made by the global pandemic limited access to nutrition and various services, which increased hunger incidence. Even so, from this situation, innovation in service delivery was born, and the urge from every family to produce food at home became a way of nourishment.

Recognizing July as Nutrition Month and following the Department of Health's (DOH) theme for Nutrition Month 2022, "New Normal na Nutrisyon, Sama-samang Gawan ng Solusyon," the SAS-HSU, in collaboration with the Mother Rita Barcelo Outreach Program (MRBOP), also known as the LCUP Extension Unit, held "The Doctor is In" Episode 2 - Lusog Agustino Edition – Nutrition Issues. It was hosted by Mr. Ezekiel D. Rodriguez and Nurse Joy Ann Celis-Carlos.

Dr. Maria Salome Agnes Castillo-Sumodlayon again led the health and nutritional issues discussion. With her expertise in pediatrics, Dr. Sumodlayon was able to provide a talk on how to provide an excellent nutritional guide for children to families from barangay San Gabriel and Catmon, City of Malolos – LCUP's partner communities who were able to participate through a live broadcast set up in Catmon Multi-purpose Hall. She also tackled the importance of a balanced diet and the seven essential factors for maintaining it, which include Carbohydrates, Protein, Fat, Fiber, Vitamins, Minerals, and Water. An open forum was facilitated in the latter part of the program to give way to questions from the partner communities and virtual audiences.

Lusog Agustino is LCUP's flagship program designed to promote good health and wellness among the residents of the partner communities of the institution. The LCUP community, including the administrators, religious community, faculty members, students, and other personnel from the different departments and units, together with the Health Services Officers, are working hand-in-hand to ensure quality health care education and disease prevention activities for the beneficiaries of the partner-communities. Hide

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