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(Top) LCUP personnel photo opportunity with Sr. Edith and Sr. Sheba. (Bottom right) Beloved Sr. Edith and Sr. Sheba holding boquet of flowers given by the LCUP Community as a sign of gratitude. (Bottom Left) Ms. Zacarias delivering the message of gratitude in behalf of the Non-Teaching Personnel staff.

LCUP Community bids farewell to Sr. Edith and Sr. Sheba

June 19, 2023

To celebrate and offer support to their next Augustinian mission as they come to the end of their five-year service to the institution, the LCUP Community expressed their warmest farewell to Sr. Editha S. Zerna, OSA, Ph.D., outgoing University President and Sr. Mary Sheba O. Principe, OSA, outgoing Vice President for Religious Formation and Extension and University Treasurer through organizing a Thanksgiving Dinner, on June 19, 2023, at the Kalinangan Auditorium, LCUP Main Campus.

Sister Edith was installed as the university’s third University President on June 5, 2010 – making her the successor of Sr. Niceta M. Vargas, OSA, Ph.D. After various significant advancements in the area of instruction, research, and community extension, Sr. Edith concluded her term on April 28, 2015. At the turn of the academic year 2018-2019, Sr. Edith returned to the institution and began another term as the University President.

In the same academic year, the institution welcomes Sr. Sheba into the Religious Community. For five years, Sr. Edith and Sr. Sheba together with the LCUP Religious Community, administrators, and personnel, steered the university towards quality and excellence with burning passion and dedication.

The whole LCUP Community attending the program witnessed the entrance of Sr. Edith and Sr. Sheba as the program commenced. Representatives from each department/unit expressed their gratitude to them through heartfelt messages and memories they shared with the two beloved Augustinian Sisters. An audio-visual presentation comprised of photos and videos featuring the fruitful stay of Sr. Edith and Sr. Sheba in LCUP was also showcased as another way of expressing gratitude.

As the finale of the program and the major highlight of the Thanksgiving Ceremony, the community gave way to a response message from Sr. Edith and Sr. Sheba. In Sr. Edith’s message, she acknowledged all the hardships and obstacles that the institution had gone through over the years, yet encouraged the community to go on, move forward, and sustain the achievements and advancements so that the LCUP will always be on the roadmap of great universities in the country. Furthermore, Sr. Sheba emphasized in her speech that parting ways with the community does not mean goodbye, for God’s plans may once again take her to crossroads with the LCUP Community someday.

As a final remembrance, departments/units posed for group photos with Sr. Edith and Sr. Sheba. The LCUP Community then feasted over the Thanksgiving Dinner after the program. The program materialized through the efforts of the LCUP administrators and was hosted by Mr. Ezekiel Rodriguez, Director of the Marketing and Promotions Office.

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