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(Left) The Board of Inspectors for BS Physical Therapy and (right) BS Accountancy with the LCUP Administrators, respective college deans, and program heads posing for a photo opportunity after the monitoring and inspection of the said programs.

LCUP welcomes Board of Inspectors in series of PRC Visits

June 26-27, 2023

Towards boosting its board performance to produce competitive graduates in the industry, LCUP underwent a series of monitoring and inspection from the Professional Regulatory Board in its selected programs.

The Professional Regulations Commission (PRC) through its Professional Regulatory Board of Inspectors in different programs pays on- campus visits to colleges/universities that have board programs with passing rates that highly need improvement.

These teams envision assisting these institutions by looking into several areas in program implementation to board exam preparations.

TOn February 22, PRC began the monitoring and inspection of the Doctor of Medicine program through the Professional Regulatory Board for Medicine. This was followed by a visit from the Professional Regulatory Board for Social Workers, aimed at the Bachelor of Science in Social Work program under the Alternative Education last March 6.

On June 26-27, the Professional Regulatory Board for Accountancy and Physical Therapy came to the campus, respectively. Areas including the organizational structure indicating staff/personnel’s duties and responsibilities, professional credentials of faculty and personnel, facilities, equipment, and resources were considered during the inspection. LCUP Administrators, Deans, and Program Heads were present during the visit to provide necessary documents and responses to the board’s questions and recommendations.

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