City of Malolos – On May 30, 2018, La Consolacion University Philippines ( LCUP), represented by its Executive Vice President, Vice President for Academic Affairs, and Graduate School Dean, Dr. Alvin V. Nuqui, forged collaborative ties with Fu Jen Catholic University (FJCU) through its Vice President of International Affairs Prof. Michael T.S. Lee.

The historic partnership happened during the benchmarking and planning activities of La Consolacion University Philippines at Taipei, Taiwan from May 29 to 31, 2018.

On the second day of the activity, the Coordinator from the FJCU’s Academic Exchange Center, Mr. Allen Lee, acquainted the thirty-eight (38) strong delegation from LCUP, the Catholic and Autonomous University of Bulacan, inside the grounds of FJCU, the oldest Catholic Jesuit-affiliated University in the Chinese-speaking world.

The discussions on partnership possibilities between LCUP and FJCU in the higher education started at 10:00 a.m.

Aside from Prof. Lee, the voice of FJCU was heard through the Office of International Education Dean Prof. Ahyee Lee, College of Science and Engineering Deputy Dean Prof. Jung-Lang Yu, Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering Chair Associate Prof. Jonathan Lu, Department of Restaurant, Hotel and Institutional Management Associate Prof. Si-Shyun Lin, and Fr. James V.

In adherence to LCUP’s and FJCU’s belief in the globalization and internationalization trends, both Catholic universities opened the opportunities on collaborative researches between and among their faculty members, exchange students and faculty through a two-month visiting faculty program for specific projects, a co-teaching and co-learning for one (1) week, a two (2)-year cross-cultural learning program, as well as, one (1) to five (5) student scholarships.

Fu Jen is awaiting the proposals and agreements being prepared and processed by the various program heads and deans of LCUP to initiate the collaborative partnership endeavors of the two Catholic universities. Dr. Nuqui was joined by Dr. Enrico Rosales, Dr. Joyce Eugenio, Ms. Rosalyn Galvez, Mr. Jose Neal Tabingo, Mr. Ezekiel Rodriguez, Dr. Alma Centeno, Dr. Maria Lourdes Cervantes, Mr. Angelo Cartago, Ms. Ma. Teresa Anies, Engr. Joseph Espino, Dr. Divina Ann Eusebio, Ms. Maria Corazon Segismundo, Ms. Fe Corazon Villanueva, Dr. Olivia Almario, Mr. Jonnel Angelo Cenita, Dr. Maria Mercedes Haz, Mr. Marwin Palomo, and their staff. They are busy grinding their thinktanks to realize the fruits of this endeavor.

With the encouraging research index of 1.50 fractional count (Nature Index, 2017) and 740th place in the World University Ranking (Round University Ranking, 2017), La Consolacion hoped to model the best practices of Fu Jen.

The meeting was culminated at 11:00 a.m. with the exchange of tokens symbolic of the ties, collaboration, and partnership between LCUP and FJCU.