For the Faculty and Non-Teaching Personnel On being part of the LCUP Augustinian Community:

You belong to a university that is full of hopes, dreams and enthusiasm in venturing into internationalization on her varied educational programs and services that will not only enhance the personhood of the student, but at the same time change their outlookabout the realities of life displayed before them by a competitive world.

Becoming part of the Augustinian family necessitates that you know the culture, customs and traditions of the university that made her unique from the other colleges and universities. Quality services and honesty in building good relationship magnanimity, among others, are paramount elements for a sinceres lasting relationship.

Dreaming and realizing a strong Augustinian family will surely propel us towards internationalization of higher, secondary and basic education in integrating international and inter-cultural dimensions into the purpose, function and delivery of education.

On our principles as an Augustinian Institution:

Our overriding principle throughout our history has at all times been anchored on building communities, strengthening families, and ensuring the students’ success in all areas of life. All through these years, we are noted to have produced graduates of exceptional caliber because of the uniqueness of our faculty and staff who are acknowledged for their passion and indisputable intellect and effeciency to serve as molders of the minds and hearts of students. We have gone this far simply because we have learned and prioritized the importance of developing the whole person, in strengthening both their intellect and character to be analytical and critical in all aspects of their life as a student or as an individual.

Together, let’s aspire for worldwide learning opportunities through global campuses where exciting programs of acitivites for students of every age are experienced, from expeditions to specialist experiences and summer offerings where there is something to inspire every student.

For the Students On challenging yourself:

Strive to be different. Know your potentials and boundariies. Constantly challenge yourself to break through your own limits so that you will be forced to think, to level up and offer your best self, and ultimately, to be the change you want to see in this world.

On having the right values in life:

Invest in doing good works to reap an overflowing harvest and to live in abundance. Choose to walk in the company of the wise and the righteous who draws strength and inspiration from God Almighty so that you will have the right values and perspective in life.

On taking risks:

Remember that every new day is a chance for you to change. So take risks. If you do not dare make a step forward, you will always remain in the same place. Always stay motivated and always remain under God’s grace and guidance.

On life’s true calling and purpose:

We are all called to be saints sent forth as heroes to transform the world around us, to be generous to everyone who needs our help, to go out and make disciples, and above all, we are called to bring the light of Christ with the zeal inflamed by the Spirit of love and compassion to all of humanity.

For the Parents

On being good role models and agents of change:

Parents, you are your children’s best advocates and models. Your involvement in their educational journey is a paramount avenue in improving their morale, attitude, and achivement across all disciplines. You hold the key to shaping their behavior, improving their social adjustment, inculcating love and respect for elders and cultivating an environment that promotes caring for one another.

Therefore, I am challenging each one of you to become our university’s collaborators and to be agents of change at home as we guide our students in their journey towards becoming active and competent professionals. To make this forward action happen, let us work together to ensure the overpowering realiation of our vision for our students’ future, not only for their good but for the good of the whole humankind as well.