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a. Bonafide Student
b. Certification, Authentication and Verification (CAV)
c. Complete Academic Requirements
d. Course Description
e. Cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA)/ General Weighted Average (GWA)
f. English as medium of instruction
g. Enrollment
h. Grades
i. Graduation
j. Ladder 1
k. Letter of No Objection
l. Ranking (for COM only)
m. Units Earned



The Office of the University Registrar envisions upholding the integrity of the students’ records as the repository of student’s academic records and the enhancement of credibility of its records and services. As part of the academic support unit of the University, the Office of the University Registrar is committed to provide fast, systematic and accurate information to its clients while exhibiting the institution’s Catholic Augustinian Marian, core values at all times..


The Office of the Registrar’s mission is to make available continuously improving services through a dedicated and skillful values oriented staff and improved, efficient processes that ensure the integrity, confidentiality, and security of all students’ records.


1. To deliver quality service to all sectors of the academic community that would create the feeling of satisfaction.

2. To develop highly skilled professional working force capable of rendering high quality of service and utmost customer service.

3. To continuously support the university in all its efforts to achieve its mission.

Contact Us

The Office of the University Registrar
Contact # +63 044-931-8610
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Operating Hours:
Mon to Friday 8:00 am – 5:00pm (transaction begins at 9am)
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1. What are the admissions requirements?

K to 12 :
- 2x2 ID picture
- 1 long brown envelope
- Certificate of Good Moral (original FOR Gr 4 and up)
- PSA Birth Certificate (original)
- Form 138/Report Card
- Form 137 (Remarks: COPY FOR LCUP)
- Photocopy of Diploma
- LCUP Entrance Examination Result

College :
- 2x2 ID picture
- 1 long brown envelope
- Certificate of Good Moral (original FOR Gr 4 and up)
- PSA Birth Certificate (original)
- Form 138/Report Card
- Form 137 (Remarks: COPY FOR LCUP)
- Photocopy of Diploma
- LCUP Entrance Examination Result
- Drug Test Result

Graduate Studies:
- 2x2 ID picture
- 1 long brown envelope
- PSA Birth Certificate (original)
- PSA Marriage Contract (for female married students)
- Official Transcript of Records (Remarks: COPY FOR LCUP)
- Photocopy of Diploma (Undergrad for Masters, Masters Diploma for Doctorate)
- LCUP Entrance Examination Result

2. I want to go back and enroll to LCUP as a returnee, how do I apply?

A returnee, who intends to enroll for a particular term, is a student who was not enrolled in the previous term (Graduate Studies, College, Alternative Education, and College of Medicine). Returnee student must accomplish the STUDENT RETURNING SLIP FORM and submit at the Registrar’s Office once completed and signed by the respective offices.

3. Who are the person’s in-charge of my enrollment concerns?

• For assessment – Faculty in-charge (BED K to 12), Dept. Sec. for College, Graduate Studies – Graduate Studies Staff
• For payment – Finance Office
• For Official Certificate of Registration – Registrar’s Office

4. I am currently enrolled at LCUP, but I haven’t submitted all the required admissions documents, what do I do?

For students who are officially enrolled but with incomplete admission’s requirements, you need to submit all the required documents ASAP.

5. I have noticed that my year level on my COR is incorrect, how do I correct this?

Inform your respective deans or department secretary and communicate with the Registrar’s Office for the correction.

6. I am an irregular student and I wanted to enroll more subjects, is this possible?

As an irregular student, you are only allowed to take the units prescribed in the curriculum and your current year level. Only graduating students are allowed to take additional 6 units maximum on top of their regular load/units.

7. I obtained an INC grade/mark in one of my subjects, what will I do?

An “INC” (Incomplete) mark indicates that the student has not completed all course requirements due to excusable reason, such as, sickness, emergency, or accident. (Section 109, Article XXII, MORPHE, p. 553.)
• The student must complete the requirements within the semester following that in which the course was taken. Otherwise, the grade automatically becomes “NC” for “No Credit” or “NG” for “No Grade” or FAILED = 5.00. Such a grade is permanent and cannot be subsequently changed. (Section 109, Article XXII, MORPHE, p. 553.)

8. The grade that appears on my portal is different from the grade given to me by my professor, how is that?

Change of grade is allowed on the following reasons:
• Error in the entry of scores or grades
• Error of computation
Allowable Period for Change of Grade: A change of grade is allowed within three weeks from date of the final submission of grades to the department concerned to give time for the student to question entries of faculty and for committee to deliberate. Once the grades are encoded in the school automate system and verified by the Dean to the Registrar, the faculty can no longer change the marks at his/her discretion. The submitted grades are no longer within the faculty member’s control. They are now outside of his/her authority or jurisdiction to change or revise them. To effect the change, the teacher must go through the procedure as outlined below. (MORPHE, p 541)

9. I attended all my classes and complied with all the requirements and at the end of the semester, I was informed that I am not officially enrolled, what will I do?

To ensure that you are officially enrolled, you have to check if you have followed the correct enrollment procedure, paid the necessary amount and if you received your OFFICIAL CERTIFICATE OF REGISTRATION for online enrollment. Check the subjects indicated in the COR and schedule.

10. I would like to transfer to LCUP. What is the 1st step?

Submit the necessary requirements for evaluation of the dean and follow the enrollment procedure posted online.

11. I am a Graduate Studies student, currently enrolled in a non-thesis stream, I wanted to change to a thesis stream of the same program, how do I do it?

Change of stream from non-thesis to thesis, you can secure and accomplish a CHANGE DEGREE FORM at the Registrar’s Office and secure the approval of the VP for Graduate Studies to proceed with the request

12. I had a personal problem which will affect my current enrollment at LCUP, I was advised by my parents to file an official dropping form, how will I do it remotely?

You can process your dropping form via online or you can send an email to the official email address of the Registrar’s Office and ask for a copy of the dropping form. Accomplish the form and send it back to the email address of the Registrar’s office.

13. My professor told me that our grades are already posted via the GTI School Automate, but I cannot view my grades.

Grades can be viewed online during scheduled viewing of grades. Once the dean verified the grades posted by the professors, students can view their grades online using their GTI account.

14. I am a Graduate School student who have completed all the academic requirements, defended my thesis but I haven’t submitted my hard bound of thesis, can I graduate even without the submission of thesis hard bound?

NO. Part of the requirement prior to graduation is the submission of the HARD BOUND COPY OF THESIS with soft copy. All documents will be released after the declaration of graduates to the Commission on Higher Education after graduation.

15. I just graduated, when can I receive my diploma and transcript of records?

Diploma and Official Transcript of Records will be released upon the issuance of SO for SHS, and for College, GS, AE, COM upon the declaration of graduates to CHEDRO.

16. I am enrolled at LCUP for 2 semesters now and I would like to request for an official certificate of grades. When I processed my online request, I received an email that I need to submit all admissions requirements prior to the release of my requested documents. What does this mean?

Students requesting for credentials must have complied with the admissions requirements first prior to the processing of credential requested.

17. What is the lead time for the release of requested document?

For requested document, it would take 7 – 14 business days for the processing and release of document.

18. I lost my original TOR and I need a new copy, how do I process this request?

An Affidavit of Loss is needed for submission and file a new request for the document, settle the document fee and a new document will be issued with a remark “2nd copy”.

19. Can I have my requested document emailed?

NO. This is not allowed as per data Privacy Act of 2012.

20. I forgot my password in the GTI School Automate System, where can I ask assistance for the password reset?

Password reset can be requested/changed with the help of the MIS Team or via email at the Registrar’s Office.

21. I am withdrawing my studies at LCUP and I will transfer to another institution, what steps will I do?

If you will be transferring to another institution and you haven’t finished the degree or program you enrolled at LCUP, you have to secure and accomplish a Honorable Dismissal form and Request for Transfer Credentials if you are officially enrolled to the new institution.

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