La Consolacion


  1. To increase awareness and active involvement of the personnel, students and stakeholders to the
    university’s social orientation and extension services programs and its activities;
  2. To manage resources and opportunities provided to students, personnel and partner communities’ beneficiaries for equal and equitable access to sustainable quality of life;
  3. To facilitate community building services enabling beneficiaries to acquire knowledge, skills and proper attitudes for enhancing their human dignity, potentials and capabilities;
  4. To guide the departmental activities toward building basic ecclesial communities;
  5. To ensure the appropriate coordination between LCUP Extension with external communities;
  6. To offer community-based innovative and alternative educational programs responsive to the needs of pupils, students and mature learners seeking continuing development;
  7. To provide short-term technological and vocational programs for livelihood training;
  8. To establish cooperative and collaborative linkages with higher education providers, Local Government Units and other Non-Government Organization (including international organizations);
  9. To enhance holistic community development programs toward the promotion of justice, peace and care for the environment; and
  10. To provide educational, technical assistance and support (training, supervision, research), to internal units of the University.

Operating Principles
LCUP adheres to these operating principles in the implementation of its programs:
  • Christian in spirit and action;
  • Excellence in educational programming and staffing;
  • Innovative to insure relevance and continual excellence;
  • Openness and Integrity in all our relationships;
  • Diversity because differences enrich;
  • Balance in professional and personal lives;
  • Accountability to LCUP clientele, stakeholders form all communities served;
  • Partnership in our community – based delivery model, and indigenous oriented to community needs;
  • Empowerment in building communities towards self-rule and independence; and
  • Volunteerism in sharing ones time, talent and expertise.

La Consolacion University Philippines

Mission and Vision

Goals and Operating Principles


La Consolacion University Philippines